Centenary Park Closure 2019



Very Important






Frankston Dog Obedience Club has been informed by Frankston City Council that the grounds will be closed until Mid-April

( provisional)




After many years of Frankston Dog Obedience Club requesting the levelling of our grounds at Centenary Park, Frankston City Council has committed to make this happen.


Our ground is situated on an old refuse site, a tip. This has caused the grounds to become undulated over time. For all our disciplines trained on at Centenary Park, a level ground will be beneficial for all.


To complete this work the ground will be closed to everyone until March 2019. There will be no access for either club members or the general public from mid January until March 9th at the earliest.


This will be our new start date for our 2019 training year. 


We appreciate your patience while this upgrade takes place. 




Thank You.